Kelsale Village Hall


What We Do

The village hall is a non-profit establishment. It has a board of Trustees, and elected officers: Chairperson; Treasurer; Secretary,  who with the help of an elected voluntary management committee oversee the smooth running of the village hall. 

The financial affairs of Kelsale Village Hall are governed by its constitution to ensure the proper and effective use of the village hall. 


Kelsale Village Hall provides affordable services and activities for the benefit of our community.


Bring people together and create positive change to the local area.


Our History

Edward Prior

Kelsale Village Hall is a beautiful grade II listed building in the heart of Kelsale village. Originally donated to the village in 1891 by the rector George Davis, the hall soon became a focal point for the community of Kelsale cum Carlton.

Designed by architect Edward Prior, the hall was built in the arts and crafts style, using traditional skills. Prior believed passionately in the importance of creating beautiful, well-made buildings that brought together a wide range of disciplines. 

Throughout the 19th century England was a Christian country and at the heart of the arts and crafts movement was a nostalgia for tradition and ‘the simple life’. Prior designed the building with an external staircase, perhaps drawing inspiration from the church, that stands strategically at the top of the hill, overlooking the village and surrounding countryside. 

No virtuous young lady could be alone with a man to whom she was not related, so the external staircase, facing towards the church where everyone could see (and judge upon) them, would surely preserve their reputation and suppress potentially sinful acts that could happen in an enclosed space.

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